Rules and regulations.

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Rules and regulations. Empty Rules and regulations.

Post by Bacardi on Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:35 am

Forum rules
No Fighting
No Adult content [MA+]
No creating double accounts
Controlled profanity.
No Spamming or useless one word replies.
No Harassing
No Double posting
Do not post in a thread if something above has been already said. Verbatim.
If a thread dead or it's over 2 weeks old, please don't reply.
Do not type in all capital letters. You'll most likely get ignored than being answered.

Blog rules
You may not start a new thread in someone else's blog.
You must post a blog once every two weeks, or your blog will be deleted.

Rules for trolling :
You're on the forums to have fun, so I understand why you troll.
I understand you, but sadly other people don't ):
So rules for trolling is.. You can troll if you're not discriminating against race, sex, or religion.
If an admin tells you to stop trolling, stop.
Troll at your own risk

*These rules may change at anytime.

Rules and regulations. VBPjW
Rules and regulations. Sigpic429961_1

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