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What do you guys think of my suggestions?

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Post by pingo on Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:08 am

The complaint about recruiting more GM's before was that we had too many on with a low playerbase; Now we have Non-Active GM's, not that many events after a trophy wipe and an annoying kid asking me to use my trophies to make an item for his pixel gf. -__-

We need more GM's, We need more stuff to do when there aren't events. The server is more or less DEAD.

I've seen this on another server, i think they removed it though.
At the start of every hour, there will be an "Automatic Jump Quest" or "Coconut Hunt" event, Joined using .@joinautoevent or somthing. You reach the top of the JQ, you get a trophy. Then there is a notice saying Congrats to <insert IGN here> For finishing the Auto JQ! After they win , the portal will be closed. Coconut Hunt warps a player to the coconut map & they will have to collect the most coconuts in the time given. It starts after like 3 minutes or so, and it closes as soon as it starts.

Ola Ola could also possibly work for this but i'm not sure if the portals change..

As i've seen in another server that i will not name, the ariant Party quest works. I'll have to have you test that though. It's an event where the GM doesn't have to do much and is actually pretty fun . You'll have to check if people drop jewels & bombs though, if not we suhcrewd'

More rewards for voting/rebirthing.

Voting is what makes a server get more players; We need better rewards. Remove the 100k NX from doofus, that takes away a potential source of vote points And the point of the NXwhore Occupation. Host a 2x Voting event so people actually bother to vote. Add in a map people can go to using 5 vote points that drops purely porn in 1's but erry goddamn monster drops it. Allow that map to be accessible if you collect like 1k rare drops added into the mobs. Put a timer that warps them out in a minute & they have to collect as much as they can. Make it so donors like me can't warp in there. Lower the vote point cost for a trophy. 10 for 1 trophy? Really? Make a use out of the Vac-Points. Right now people are like, What's @Vac for if i don't have a goddamn vacpoint to use it.

Rebirthing: New people want IOC's. How about using the star currency? The Star NPC Has many of the items new people think are cool. 333 Rebirths for a star. 999 Rebirths for 3 stars. ~ 1k Rebirths for an "IOC" from the NPC. Gets people training. Achievements too? After hitting 200 Rebirths or s/t they get a prize of like 50 Porns. 1k - 200 porns. 5k- 1k porns. etc. After Each achievement have a notice go up. saying Congrats to <ign> For getting <# of rebirths> Rebirths!
A section for Map.Wz edits. People are like i want your map wz edit. Howcome i can't stand there? blahblahblah. Start a section w/links to edits you guys use & The first poster posts a tutorial. If the people are dumb & can't use it, Oh well.. -__-

As you can see, i'm not very creative.
I'll end my post here. it felt like a rant. s ndjkgnskjgnjksngkjs-moo

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